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Sam Morris

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Brendan Valentine

Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

Liam Koenekker

Director of Live Events & Broadcast

Airlock is the latest of many great companies born at The Spacestation, built from the ground up to elevate our partners with world-class broadcasts, events, activations, and content. We exist to help passionate people accomplish things they otherwise couldn’t. Whether it’s a full-scale LAN event or a series of online activations, we are the solution to your marketing woes. We work with our clients from the beginning to take their ideas from abstraction to execution by staying in lockstep along the way and making you the center of it all.

We take a quality-first approach and bring our clients along every step of the way. We always start with your goals and KPIs to craft a product that’s tailor-made to your vision. We don’t copy-paste products, and everything is customized specifically for you. From there, we begin developing and providing regular updates and touchpoints to allow ample room for feedback and adjustment. When the time comes to kick things off, all you need to do is enjoy yourself while we bring it all to life.

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