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Ken Garff Esports

Airlock teamed up with Success in Education’s initiative, Ken Garff Esports (KGE), to be the tournament administration and broadcast production partner for the ‘23-24 season of their high school esports league. The league included over 90 schools across Utah, with hundreds of eager student competitors. Airlock conducted workshops about the esports industry, hosted regular tournaments with student-led broadcasts, and capped it all off with a Spring Celebration LAN event. The KGE program has created a community for passionate gamers and allowed them to find where they truly fit in while pursuing their passion.

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We also partnered with the University of Utah to give Utah Esports students production experience. We’re proud to say these students received a $10,000 scholarship fund from Spacestation as a reward for their work.

This partnership hit close to home for our team as each of us began our esports journeys in educational settings. We participated in college clubs and esports programs to find community and chances to grow. That’s why we, like our partners, have a deep passion for providing opportunities to learn about and gain experience in esports. This partnership was another step in Airlock’s mission to invest back in Utah and grow a rich community for esports and gaming right at home.

The Program

The KGE program ran from September to March, where students competed in Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Rocket League. It featured 5 regional events hosted at USU Eastern, Utah Tech, Utah Valley University, Salt Lake Community College, and Weber State, culminating in the Spring Celebration LAN at the University of Utah. Students had the final showdown in the beautiful Huntsman Center for the authentic pro esports experience.

The Client

Ken Garff Esports and Success in Education is a pioneering organization at the forefront of Utah's esports and education scene. They aim to leverage the immense popularity of esports as a vehicle for academic and personal growth. Founded with a vision to provide students with a platform where they can excel not only in competitive gaming but also in their educational journey, KGE and Success in Education has become a cornerstone of the Utah education landscape. They have continuously evolved to offer a range of programs, scholarships, and support systems that bridge the gap between gaming and scholastic achievement. By harnessing the passion and teamwork inherent in esports, they empower students to succeed academically while nurturing their love for gaming, ultimately fostering well-rounded individuals prepared for success in their educational pursuits and beyond.

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